"B" Marriages By Bride

Eliza Bailey Dec 27, 1843 Lemuel Horton C. W. Barnum
Martha Ann Bailey Jun 14, 1842 Edmund Pursell C. W. Barnum
Mary Bailey Nov 19, 1843 John Adair C. W. Barnum
Bathina Ann Bain Sep 25, 1843 Henry Peeples C. W. Barnum
Susan Baldwin Apr 29, 1841 Joel C. Holman C. W. Barnum
Celeta F. Bandy Mar 2, 1845 John Pecner C. W. Barnum
Cynthia Bane Nov 8, 1838 Nerias Keath C. W. Barnum
Susan Jane Barber Dec 11, 1843 Samuel S. Holliday C. W. Barnum
Jane Barnett Apr 10, 1844 William H. Guthrie C. W. Barnum
Louisa Barnnan Jan 26, 1841 A. M. Hardin C. W. Barnum
Nancy Bartee Jul 12, 1839 Hezekiah East C. W. Barnum
Samantha J. Bassett May 3, 1841 Jesse White C. W. Barnum
Mary Ann Bean Jan 25, 1841 Floyd Davis C. W. Barnum
Mary Beasley Aug 5, 1844 G. G. Johns C. W. Barnum
Sarah Bennett Dec 19, 1841 James E. Guttery C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Ann Benton May 5, 1845 James Griffin C. W. Barnum
Frances Sarah Ann Berry Jun 20, 1841 Samuel Henderson C. W. Barnum
Louisa M. Berry Dec 28, 1837 Benjamin W. Henderson C. W. Barnum
Martha W. Berry Jun 30, 1834 Hardy S. Nelson C. W. Barnum
Mary Ann Berry Feb 6, 1845 Benjamin J. Vines C. W. Barnum
Nancy Bibby Mar 13, 1841 Silas Moore C. W. Barnum
Elmira Minerva E. Black Dec 11, 1843 Jesse Marion Pearson C. W. Barnum
Susan Blackaby Dec 14, 1841 Samuel Bellah C. W. Barnum
Susan Blackman Jul 15, 1842 Pleasant J. Epperson C. W. Barnum
Caroline Bozeman Sep 19, 1837 Joseph W. Hickman C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Bozeman Jun 1, 1837 Michael J. Bulger C. W. Barnum
Eliza Bradshaw Jun 9, 1842 James H. Thurbush C. W. Barnum
Sarah E. Breedlove Dec 27, 1844 Green S. Bingham C. W. Barnum
Drusilla Bridges Mar 19, 1842 William G. Newman C. W. Barnum
Rachael T. Brigman Oct 5, 1843 Andrew J. Peters C. W. Barnum
Sarah Brown Apr 2, 1844 Samuel C. Drake C. W. Barnum
Sarah A. Brown Sep 3, 1844 Leroy F. Johnston C. W. Barnum
Emily Bryan Nov 7, 1840 William L. Bullard C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Bryant Feb 3, 1839 Jackson Turner C. W. Barnum
Nancy Bryant Feb 8, 1837 John M. Pearson C. W. Barnum
Martha Buce Jan 23, 1839 Edmund Hight C. W. Barnum
Emily B. Buckner Jun 14, 1838 Alford Gandy C. W. Barnum
Elemina Burnett May 15, 1839 Chesley A. Lister C. W. Barnum
Mariam M. Burnett Apr 2, 1843 David M Karr C. W. Barnum
Mary Busby Oct 3, 1845 Lester Buckner C. W. Barnum
Martha Bussey Feb 16, 1844 Joseph P. Griggs C. W. Barnum

"B" Marriages By Groom

Henry Bailey Jul 21, 1840 Elizabeth Allen C. W. Barnum
Wiley S. Bailey Aug 6, 1844 Lucinda Winn C. W. Barnum
Michael G. Baker Mar 12, 1843 Elizabeth M. Newman C. W. Barnum
William Baker Jan 12, 1842 Mary Ann Whalis C. W. Barnum
Dillard Baldwin Oct 1, 1839 Mary Ann Power C. W. Barnum
Tolivar Ballard Jan 12, 1843 Nancy Karr C. W. Barnum
William Bardin Jan 2, 1836 Margaret Hearston C. W. Barnum
William Bardin Jun 7, 1837 Mary Ann Merrill C. W. Barnum
James A. Barr Jan 5, 1841 Tellitha L. Walker C. W. Barnum
Nathan Barron Dec 22, 1842 Mahala Redden C. W. Barnum
James Bartee Jan 4, 1843 Amanda Russell C. W. Barnum
James S. Bartee Jan 25, 1841 Louisa T. Morris C. W. Barnum
Hugh Beaver Aug 2, 1843 Jincey McDonald C. W. Barnum
Samuel M. Bell Dec 13, 1838 Martha L. Dillard C. W. Barnum
Samuel Bellah Dec 14, 1841 Susan Blackaby C. W. Barnum
George M. Berry Dec 1, 1838 Mary Ann Vines C. W. Barnum
James M. Berry Dec 23, 1844 Almena Henderson C. W. Barnum
Miles T. Berry Nov 14, 1843 Mary Ann Heard C. W. Barnum
Williamson R. Berry Feb 7, 1844 Frances C. Morgan C. W. Barnum
James M. Betts Jan 1, 1844 Laurena Wright C. W. Barnum
Elijah Bingham Aug 29, 1839 Mary Ray C. W. Barnum
Green S. Bingham Dec 27, 1844 Sarah E. Breedlove C. W. Barnum
Elijah Blackeby Apr 4, 1842 Sarah Wright C. W. Barnum
Francis M. Blackwell Mar 11, 1845 Louisa M. Espey C. W. Barnum
James Blake Jun 14, 1845 Elizabeth White C. W. Barnum
James W. Board Mar 20, 1841 Mahala Todd C. W. Barnum
Darling Bone Feb 5, 1838 Margaret Mary Ann Price C. W. Barnum
John C. Boney Dec 17, 1846 Christina Labernikel C. W. Barnum
John Britton Jan 1, 1844 Martha Langley C. W. Barnum
Aaron J. Brooks Oct 21, 1843 Mary Ann Henderson C. W. Barnum
Silas M. Brooks May 16, 1839 Rebecca Williams C. W. Barnum
Willis Brooks Apr 25, 1840 Sarah Ann Pullum C. W. Barnum
Lester Buckner Oct 3, 1845 Mary Busby C. W. Barnum
James Bulger Dec 11, 1838 Sarah Johnson C. W. Barnum
Michael J. Bulger Jun 1, 1837 Elizabeth Bozeman C. W. Barnum
Thomas J. Bullard Jul 9, 1845 Elizabeth McEwen C. W. Barnum
William L. Bullard Nov 7, 1840 Emily Bryan C. W. Barnum
Alexander Burns Jan 24, 1834 Margarett Greer C. W. Barnum

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