"W" Marriages By Bride

Parthenia F. Wade Aug 23, 1842 Tolbert Hatcher C. W. Barnum
Martha A. Walker Jan 2, 1845 Robert Dicks C. W. Barnum
Mary Ann Walker Jul 8, 1840 Freeman Walker C. W. Barnum
Sarah A. Walker Nov 16, 1842 Henry M. Price C. W. Barnum
Sarah Ann Walker May 15, 1839 Micajah W. Pearson C. W. Barnum
Tellitha L. Walker Jan 5, 1841 James A. Barr C. W. Barnum
Eliza Walters Nov 30, 1842 Thomas D. Howard C. W. Barnum
Martha Ann C. Wamack Jun 15, 1844 William T. Kimbrough C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Ward Apr 15, 1843 Reuben T. Epperson C. W. Barnum
Frances Ward Apr 23, 1839 Nathaniel Jones C. W. Barnum
Mahala Ward Jun 27, 1842 James W. Leadbetter C. W. Barnum
Nancy Ward Jan 7, 1839 John Wright C. W. Barnum
Sarah (Mrs.) Ward Mar 26, 1838 Daniel Mcdaniel C. W. Barnum
Winey Ward Dec 28, 1841 William Stallings C. W. Barnum
Eliza Ware Nov 8, 1843 Rigdon Edwards C. W. Barnum
Jane Ware Sep 5, 1837 Anderson Mclemore C. W. Barnum
Caroline A. Warlick Feb 27, 1840 Columbus C. Washburn C. W. Barnum
Martha A. Warren Oct 25, 1841 Elijah Carter C. W. Barnum
Mary Warren Jul 27, 1844 Daniel Ray C. W. Barnum
Harriett Watkins Jun 15, 1842 Jesse Castleberry C. W. Barnum
Rebecca Jane Watson Aug 12, 1843 D. Adorne Dorman C. W. Barnum
Avenia Welch Nov 13, 1845 Andrew Rembert C. W. Barnum
Mary Welch Jun 3, 1844 James W. Graham C. W. Barnum
Milley Ann Welch Apr 23, 1842 William Gardner C. W. Barnum
Mary Ann Whalis Jan 12, 1842 William Baker C. W. Barnum
Eliza G. Whatley Dec 11, 1839 James W. Gregory C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth J. Whatley Feb 16, 1843 Leroy Grisham C. W. Barnum
Sarah M. Whatley May 23, 1839 Salmon Washburn C. W. Barnum
Ann Wheelus Jun 17, 1841 Benjamin Simmonds C. W. Barnum
Frances Wheelus Feb 19, 1840 Irvin Patterson C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth White Jun 14, 1845 James Blake C. W. Barnum
Juliana Whitehead Oct 11, 1844 Josephus Clark C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Ann Wilkins Jul 16, 1845 Willis D. Craddock C. W. Barnum
Catharine Williams Jun 13, 1843 Gabriel Nix C. W. Barnum
Joannah Williams Feb 13, 1835 Richard W. Whitworth C. W. Barnum
Martha Williams Dec 29, 1841 Patrick Henry C. W. Barnum
Martha E. Williams May 2, 1844 Jesse L. Little C. W. Barnum
Rebecca Williams May 16, 1839 Silas M. Brooks C. W. Barnum
Mary S. Williamson Nov 26, 1844 James J. Spivey C. W. Barnum
Emeline Willson Jul 4, 1838 James M. Russell C. W. Barnum
Susan E. Wilson Nov 5, 1844 Micajah N. Lawrence C. W. Barnum
Martha Ann Wilton Oct 1, 1845 John Nix C. W. Barnum
Lucinda Winn Aug 6, 1844 Wiley S. Bailey C. W. Barnum
Mary Winstell Nov 26, 1845 Alfred Shaddox C. W. Barnum
Mary Ann Elizabeth Witts Feb 21, 1843 William H. Jones C. W. Barnum
Ludicia Wood Nov 7, 1844 Roderick Napel Mciver C. W. Barnum
Laurena Wright Jan 1, 1844 James M. Betts C. W. Barnum
Margaret Wright Nov 2, 1839 Wm. T. Selman C. W. Barnum
Sarah Wright Apr 4, 1842 Elijah Blackeby C. W. Barnum

"W" Marriages By Groom

Freeman Walker Jul 8, 1840 Mary Ann Walker C. W. Barnum
Henry Walker Oct 8, 1839 Eliza Ard C. W. Barnum
John Walker Jan 14, 1844 Louisa Stewart C. W. Barnum
Robert Harris Walker Nov 2, 1838 Lucinda Keath C. W. Barnum
Jett T. Wallis Jan 21, 1843 Matilda Echols C. W. Barnum
James W. Wamack May 8, 1844 Elizabeth Lansford C. W. Barnum
Robert Ward Jun 28, 1839 Elizabeth Mainard C. W. Barnum
Walton Ware Jan 25, 1836 Lucinda Slaughter C. W. Barnum
James Warnack May 10, 1845 Elizabeth A. Sentell C. W. Barnum
Columbus C. Washburn Feb 27, 1840 Caroline A. Warlick C. W. Barnum
Salmon Washburn May 23, 1839 Sarah M Whatley C. W. Barnum
Samuel Watkins Jan 29, 1842 Catherine Taunton C. W. Barnum
Thornton P. Watkins Nov 30, 1839 Eliza Dunn C. W. Barnum
William Watt Dec 25, 1844 Eliza Jane Steel C. W. Barnum
Isaac J. Weaver Apr 9, 1844 Elizabeth Malone C. W. Barnum
Edmond Webb May 26, 1845 Mary Jane Shaw C. W. Barnum
Edmond Webb Jan 21, 1841 Catharine E. Rowell C. W. Barnum
James P. Welch Feb 20, 1841 Elizabeth Gray C. W. Barnum
Hillsman West Dec 15, 1841 Militia Jackson C. W. Barnum
Jesse West Apr 8, 1836 Emily Keath C. W. Barnum
John C. Westbrook Nov 25, 1841 Elizabeth Ann Lamberth C. W. Barnum
Archibald Whaley Feb 14, 1844 Mary W. Adair C. W. Barnum
James G. Whatley Jun 11, 1844 Mary Rutherford C. W. Barnum
John Wheeless Sep 27, 1845 Cassinda Smith C. W. Barnum
Jesse White May 3, 1841 Samantha J. Bassett C. W. Barnum
John White Dec 19, 1844 Martha Crow C. W. Barnum
John R. White Mar 19, 1845 Nancy R. Mapp C. W. Barnum
William White Sep 11, 1844 Rosey Milford C. W. Barnum
Richard W. Whitworth Feb 13, 1835 Joannah Williams C. W. Barnum
Daniel Williams Jan 25, 1841 Margaret Durden C. W. Barnum
John Williams Jan 25, 1842 Mary Mcclain C. W. Barnum
Wesley Williams Aug 12, 1845 Mary Stonaker C. W. Barnum
Richard Williamson Oct 17, 1843 Martha Ann Minchew C. W. Barnum
James A. Willis Jan 11, 1843 Catherine Patterson C. W. Barnum
James A. Willis May 22, 1843 Catherine Patterson C. W. Barnum
Thomas H. Willson Sep 12, 1844 Eliza Jane Stanley C. W. Barnum
John G. Wilson May 10, 1842 Caroline E. Mcever C. W. Barnum
Floyd Winnlett Feb 20, 1843 Rebecca Eley C. W. Barnum
Henry W. Womack Mar 26, 1845 Amanda Kite C. W. Barnum
James M. Wood Nov 10, 1841 Sarah E. Coker C. W. Barnum
John Wright Jan 7, 1839 Nancy Ward C. W. Barnum
Samuel A. Wyatt Nov 1, 1844 Lucinda Savage C. W. Barnum

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