Tallapoosa County, Alabama

U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army

Bobby Jack Baker  ~  CPL
Jake B. Baker  ~  CPL
Roland B. Baker  ~  PFC
Robert R. Berry  ~  PV2
Rayford T. Blake  ~  SGT
Comer D. Cotney  ~  PV2
William J. Cribb Jr.  ~  CAPT
Melton Ford Jr.  ~  PV2
Jerome Godfrey  ~  CPL
Joe Gray Jr.  ~  CPL
Charles Lindy Harris  ~  PFC
Frank Rudolph Howard  ~  PV2
James Velpeau Jackson  ~  PFC
Ellis Kelly  ~  PV2
Gerald Walls McClellan  ~  PV2
Raymond Lee Monroe  ~  CPL
Ralph C. Patterson  ~  CPL
Raymond Kyle Railey  ~  PV2
Billy Drew Rhodes  ~  PV2
Walter Marce Smith  ~  PV2
Marvin E. Taunton  ~  PFC
Gordon Thornell  ~  CPL
Marvin White  ~  SGT
Billy J. Winslett  ~  CPL
Rayford Winslett  ~  CPL

U. S. Coast Guard

U. S. Marines

U. S. Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos or your servicemen that fought in Korea. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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