The Daily Memphis Appeal
Memphis, Tennessee
Saturday, March 17, 1877

Destructive Effects of the Wind-whirl in Alabama-Loss of Life and the Demolition of Buildings in Tallapoosa County
[New York Herald] Atlanta, Ga.
March 12.

I hasten to give you the following particulars of the movement and effects of a terrible tornado which has passed over Alabama. These indicate the fulfillment of the Herald prediction of the fourth regarding such a disturbance in the Mississippi valley, which was as follows:
"These thermometric differences, together with the rapid variations of pressure now occurring in the west, may combine to develop a tornado in the Mississippi or Ohio valley region."

The storm seems to have originated further south than has yet been reported by telegraph. On the eighth instant a tornado similar to those that visited Georgia a year ago developed itself in the southwestern part of Alabama or Mississippi and swept toward the northeast, leaving death and destruction in its wake. A letter to the Herald correspondent here from Tallapoosa County, in Alabama, gives some of the particulars of the effects of the tornado in that section.

It made its first appearance upon the plantation of Mr. A. Grimmett, of Tallapoosa county, and completely demolished every house on the place except a negro cabin. A son of Mr. Grimmett, who was in the corn crib superintending the husking of some corn, heard the roar and rush of the wind, and it is supposed he started to the dwelling-house to protect his mother and his aunt.

Before he could reach the house, however, the fury of the storm had burst upon the place and he was struck by a piece of flying timber and instantly killed. The dwelling was completely demolished and a negro man killed by the falling timbers, the two ladies, together with some children, were caught under the roof, but they were all rescued.

The houses on several other plantations were utterly demolished, but, as far as heard from, there was no other loss of life. The tornado occurred early in the day, and it seems to be certain that it was the development of the disturbance predicted by the Herald.

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