These people will do look-ups for others. Some have books, others will do "in Cemetery" look-ups, while others will go to the library or Courthouse and do research.

Please follow these simple rules:

  • Only one (1) request per e-mail. (Husband and wife may be considered as one, IF buried in same cemetery or a Marriage Look-up.)
  • Do NOT send a request for "All the (Surname) listed in the Book!!!
  • Remember - Many of the volunteers have full time jobs and do the look-ups in their spare time. Be prepared to be put on a waiting list.
Happy Searching!!!

Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Lookup Volunteers Needed!

If you would be willing to volunteer to do lookups for Tallapoosa County, Alabama
just click on the email icon. State what type of lookup, cemetery, courthouse, library, book name, date, limitations, etc.

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